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What is Electronic data interchange?


The Electronic Data Interchange or EDI is known as the automated transfer of data from health care providers. A clearinghouse will assist with the data transfers since they represent a health care provider or a payer. Electronic data intercharge are transferred through computers. Because of Electronic data intercharge the transaction process of health care providers are much easier and cheaper. You can Start now here for more info.


What is the function of clearing house with medical billing?


The clearinghouse is the one in charge in transferring the claim of health care providers to the payer. Clearinghouse also checks the claims, they make sure that it is compatible with the software and if it does not have any corrections.  You can Call today here.


They also check if the diagnosis and procedural codes that were submitted are valid. The claim scrubbing edit helps prevent time-consuming processing errors.


Every provider can select any kind of clearinghouse to submit their claims. These clearinghouses charge these healthcare providers for each claim and they also have extra charges for each paper claim.. There are a lot of clearinghouses that you can choose from. 


Below are your guidelines in finding the right clearinghouse:


A. The clearinghouse must have a list of payer participation


Choose a clearinghouse that is involved with the insurance panel. Before you select a clearinghouse, you need to check their website first and it should have a list of payers.


B. Clearinghouse should have a management software


Make sure that they have a software that is compatible with other software. Before your claim is submitted the clearinghouse will view it first. 


C. Clearing houses should offer short term contracts


Make sure that a clearinghouse must be able to offer short term contracts for the services that they offer. Make sure that you carefully read the contract before you sign it. 


D. Clearinghouses should provide additional support


An excellent clearinghouse should also offer technical support without any extra charge. You will know that the clearinghouse is the right one for you if they can offer free support. Before you sign up with a clearinghouse company make sure that you can easily contact or access their technical support.


E. Check the cost of the services of the clearinghouse


Good clearinghouses charge per month is about seventy five dollars up to one hundred dollars every month for every provider. But, there are actually more experienced  clearinghouses and their charges range from $100 up to $135.


Aside from submitting claims, they also offer other services. Choose a clearinghouse company that offers cost effective services like processing paper claims, patient balance billing services and benefit verification. Please view this site for further details.